First Book's Resources for Families and Child Care Providers

Voices for Healthy Kids Calls for Campaign Proposals

At-Home Brain-Building Tips for Families with Children Ages Birth to Five

April News & Resources on the 2020 Census

Grab, Adapt and Go - COVID-19 Resources for Child Care Programs

CCAoA Calls Federal Stimulus Support for Child Care a “Down Payment"

Emergency Funding Resources that Child Care Providers Can Use Now

Coronavirus FAQs for Child Care Providers & Families

When Should I Close My Child Care Program? A Coronavirus Flowchart

Congress' COVID-19 Response: What You Need to Know

Recommendations to Policymakers in Response to Coronavirus

Coronavirus: What Child Care Providers Need to Know

Research Round Up: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 

March 12: Coronavirus Updates & Resources for Child Care Providers and CCR&Rs

March News & Resources about the 2020 Census

Health Resource Spotlight: Administering Medication

Research Round Up: Physical Activity

CCAoA Joins National Interoperability Collaborative

Care About Child Care? 5 Reasons You Want to Be at the 2020 Symposium

Coronavirus Updates and Resources for Child Care Providers and CCR&Rs

Integrating Self-Reflection into Professional Development

Coronavirus: How Does It Impact Child Care Providers and CCR&Rs?

CCR&R:Helping Families, Improving Quality and Building Supply of Child Care

February News & Resources about the 2020 Census

Research Round Up: Workforce

Health Resource Spotlight: Child Development

FY21 White House Budget Proposal

Your On-the-Go Consumer Education Brochure Suite

A New PD Program that Improves Quality in Infant & Toddler Classrooms

Research Round Up: Nutrition-Added Sugars Intake among US Infants and Toddlers

Changes to the Scope of Public Charge Rules

How Reading Storybooks Helps Children Cope after a Disaster

The House Holds Hearing on Child Care Crisis

The Business Case for Child Care - Taking Action

Child Care Prepare: Infant Toddler Emergency Evacuation

Child Care Research: Year in Review 2019 Edition

Research Round Up: Food Allergies

Research Round Up: Screen Time

Health Resource Spotlight: Workplace Stress

January News & Resources about the 2020 Census

Emergency Preparedness Training-of-Trainers Opportunity to Be Offered at 2020 Symposium

CCAoA's Statement on FY2020 Appropriations and Early Childhood Funding

Child Care Aware® of America Statement on the White House Summit on Child Care and Paid Leave: Supporting America’s Working Families

Research Round Up: Infectious Disease

Child Care Aware® of America Speaks Out Against Deregulation; in Support of Investments

Health Resource Spotlight: Caring for Children with Special Needs & Good Oral Health in Child Care

Research Round Up: Nutrition

Giving Thanks for Child Care Professionals, Advocates and Policy Wins

Census 2020 - Count All Kids Alert

Examining Gaps in Infant-Toddler Care Across New York

Research Round Up: Mental and Behavioral Health

Research Round Up: Workforce

Health Resource Spotlight: Eliminating Lead in Home-Based Programs

Bug Busting in Early Care and Education Settings

The Child Care Supply Crisis: Why Deregulation Is Not The Answer

Use The US and the High Price of Care Report to Advocate for Child Care Policies

Vroom Ambassador: Vroom and Brightside Up

Vroom Ambassador: Keep it Simple

Highlights from the 2019 Leadership Institute

Vroom Ambassador: Providing Tools to Serve Families and Partners

Vroom Ambassador: Vroom Continues in Florida

Celebrate Children’s Environmental Health Day!

Research Round Up: Mental and Behavioral Health

Health Resource Spotlight: Safety in Early Care and Education

Research Round Up: Obesity Prevention

Vroom Ambassador: Vroom and Child Care Aware of Kansas

Vroom Ambassador: The Children's Cabinet

Understanding Policies for Sick Children in Child Care

Health Resource Spotlight: How Providers Serve Families With Different Languages

What's a Healthy Transition from Child Care to School Look Like?

Infographic: Family Voices Driving Quality Child Care Choices

The 4 Steps of Finding a Child Care Provider

How Underserved Families Are Finding Child Care

New Report Reveals How And Where Families Find and Access Child Care

Vroom Ambassador: Child Care Aware of Northwest Arkansas

Minimizing Lead Exposure in Child Care

Understanding When and Why Sick Kids Should Stay Home

Teach Digital Literacy, Not Just Technology Use

Taking Care of Young Children is Messy Business!

Family Voices: Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Response

CCAoA Member Exclusive: Trauma Informed Resources from Sesame Street in Communities!

Helping Caregivers Understand Immunization Requirements

Vroom Ambassador: Collaborating With Vroom in North Carolina

Why August is This Year’s Most Crucial Month for Advocacy

Helping Your Child Go Places Through Literacy

Ayudando a Su Hijo a Ampliar Sus Fronteras con el Alfabetismo

Family Voices: Harper's Story - Tragedy  Outside a Provider's Home

Helping Child Care Providers Understand The Measles Immunizations

Coming Soon! The Child Care Data Center

Child Care Aware® of America and NORC at the University of Chicago to Build Child Care Data Center

Family Voices: Reflections from a Child Care Advocate, Sosha Chaney

Vroom Ambassador: Family Connections Montana Strengthening Family Engagement

Food And Fitness - Making Healthy Habits A Family Affair

Alimentación y Salud

Vroom Ambassador: You Already Have What it Takes!

Social Emotional Health and the Child Care Workforce

Family Voices: Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies Are Here For You

Supporting Breastfeeding Infants During an Emergency

Digital Content for Your Summer Outreach!

Trauma-Informed Care

Nearby, Faraway, and Raising Grandchildren

Los Abuelos - Cercanos, Lejanos y Criando Nietos

Vroom Ambassador: Early Childhood Alliance Experience with Vroom

Health Resource Spotlight: Talking to Families About Home Safety

What is Responsive Caregiving?

Vroom Ambassador: Sharing Vroom with Parents, Child Care Professionals and the Chemung County Community

What is Social-Emotional Health?

Developing Language With Your Child

Cómo Desarrollar el Lenguaje con su Hijo

Child Care Aware® of America Releases Findings of 2019 Annual State Survey on Child Care

Beat the Heat: The Heat Index

Statement from Executive Director on the Passing of MaryLee Allen

Get Rid of Your Rock ‘n Play Sleepers Now

Child Care Aware® of America Releases 2019 Funding State Snapshots

Finding Child Care for Non-Traditional Work Schedules

Cómo Encontrar Servicios de Cuidado de Niños Para Horarios de Trabajo No Tradicionales

Health Resource Spotlight: Health and Safety Training

Exceeding the Vision, Expanding the Possibilities

Por Qué es Importante Elegir Cuidado de Niños de Alta Calidad

Why Choosing Quality Child Care Matters

Explore A Broader Definition of Health in Child Care

Family Voices: Turning Heartbreak to Happiness

CCR&Rs’ Role in Closing Child Care Supply and Demand Gaps

Child Care Aware® of America Releases Report on Child Care Supply Crisis and Offers Solutions

Interrogantes Relacionados Con el Cuidado De Niños y Su Lugar de Trabajo

Child Care Issues and Your Workplace

Health Resource Spotlight: Safety and Environment E-Book

Planning for Summer

Planificación para el Verano

Family Voices: The 2019 Child Care Works Summit Energizes and Inspires Action!

Help Caregivers Provide Support During Measles Outbreak

Child Care Aware® of America Statement On The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Markup

Promising Practices: Advancing Family Partnerships

Keeping Kids Safe in Parking Lots and Driveways

No Small Matter Inspires Early Education Progress

Put Us On Your Summer To-Do List!

Family Routines and Rituals

Rutinas y Ritos Familiares

Family Voices: A Father’s Perspective in Family Engagement

Health Resource Spotlight: Family Child Care

Alivio del Estrés y Prevención del Enojo

Stress Relief and Anger Prevention

Location Matters: Tips for Choosing a Safe Child Care Site

Family Voices: Public Investments Could Help End Poverty

Tips to Reduce the Use of Toxic Chemicals in Child Care Programs

Promising Practices: Discovering Innovative Ways to Provide Support to ECE Communities

Trump Administration Shares Additional Materials to Support Its FY 2020 Budget

Spring Flooding: Tips to Prepare Child Care Providers

Cuidado Auxiliar Para los Hijos

Back-Up Child Care

Family Voices: A Grandmother’s Journey from Loss to Advocacy

Child Care Aware® of America Statement On The President’s Budget for 2020

Health Resource Spotlight: Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Workforce Wellness: A Call for Programs Doing it Well

National CACFP Week: Raising Awareness of Nutrition in Your Child Care Program

Promising Practices: Sharing Brain Development Info with Parents

Introducing: A Webinar Series Focused On Consumer Education Excellence

Ami Gadhia: Advancing our Mission as our New Chief of Policy, Programs and Research

Child Care Advocates Applaud Reintroduction of Child Care for Working Families Act

Provider’s POV Shares Challenges in Offering Nonstandard Hours Care

Promising Practices: Encouraging Early Learning Activities at Home

No Todas las Familias Son Iguales

Families Are Not All Alike

Los Niños y Los Medicamentos Fuera Del Hogar

Children and Medication Outside the Home

CCW Summit Spotlight: Owning Your Expertise with the Media

The Wins that Will Mobilize & Unite Us as We Move Forward

Family Voices: Gratitude for Family Advocates who Fuel Policy  Advancements

Promising Practices: Reaching Underserved Families and Caregivers

Ideas CCR&Rs can use to Strategically Prepare for Workforce Recommendations

Health Resource Spotlight: Daily Health Checks

Dr. Edward Zigler: Gone Now but His Legacy Lives On

Elevating Dual Language Learners During DLL Shine Celebration Week

Statement from Deputy Executive Director on the Passing of Dr. Edward Zigler

Ringing in the New Year: Celebrating 35 Years of Service to Essex County

Now Accepting Proposals! Health/Safety Training Opportunity for CCR&Rs

Sentido Común en Asuntos de Dinero

Dollars and Sense

Why You Should Attend CCAoA’s Child Care Works Summit in April

Examining Child Care Supply and Demand Gaps for Babies in Your Community

Healthy Child Care, Healthy Communities: Supporting Diverse Health Issues

Child Care Aware® of America Congratulates Dr. Walter S. Gilliam As Newly Elected Board President

It’s About Time! What You Can Do About Nonstandard Hours Child Care Challenges

New Report Shows Nonstandard Hours of Work Cause More Obstacles For Families and Children

Creating a School and Home Connection

Creando una Conexión Entre Escuela y Hogar

Harper’s Story: An Unthinkable Tragedy and How You Can Prevent It

New Child Care Affordability Legislation Introduced

5 Ways Poverty Impacts Early Brain Development and How You Can Help

Promising Practices: Using Spanish Radio to Share Child Care Resources

¿Está Su Niño Preparado Para Quedarse Solo en Casa?

Is Your Child Ready to Stay Home Alone?

Health Resource Spotlight: Stress and Provider Health

Krista Scott Joins the Division for Early Childhood Board

Celebrating Family Voices

Child Care Aware® of America Announces New Board of Directors

Let’s Welcome Our Newest Board Members

Why 2019 Is a Critical Year for Child Care

‘Tis The Season of Giving: How One CCR&R Won a $25K Grant

Criando a un Niño a Quien Le Gusta Leer

Krista Scott Appointed to Division for Early Childhood Executive Board

Fee Assistance Programs: Serving and Supporting Our Military Families

Fee Assistance Programs: Serving and Supporting Our Military Families

Health Resource Spotlight: Resources for Child Care Providers to Make Healthy Choices

Media Is A Powerful Force

Los Medios de Comunicación Tienen Mucho Poder

Toy Safety: Making Safe Choices This Holiday Season So Children Can Have Fun

Statement from CCAoA on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Second Cohort of Vroom Ambassadors

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Second Cohort of Vroom Ambassadors Ambassadors will use the brain science embedded in Vroom to help families and providers build stronger communities

New Website Design, New Resources for Consumer Education

The Kindergarten Connection

A Propósito Del Kinder

Support for Those Impacted by CA Wildfires: A Note from Our Deputy Executive Director

Child Care Aware® of America Offers Brain-Building Tips During Vroom Week: A creative approach to everyday interactions can help build children’s brains

How CCR&Rs Can Improve Access to Healthy Living in Their Community

How to Tie In Giving Tuesday to Your Fundraising Efforts

New Grant to Support Increasing Access to High-Quality Child Care-Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funds Unique National Partnership Led by NAEYC

Health Resource Spotlight: Steps for Toothbrushing at the Table

Agents of Change: Introducing a Familiar Face as Deputy Executive Director

Child Care Resource & Referral: The Secret Solution

Fundraising Resources in Your Community and Online

Child Care and US: How Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies Can Help

Is My Child Safe?

¿Está Seguro Mi Hijo?

Get Ready for Vroom Week 2018!

Why I Chose Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) Care

The Aftermath: How a Texas CCR&R Supported Providers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The Cost of Child Care 2018: a Burden for Families across the Country

Child Care Aware® of America’s 12th Annual Cost of Care Report Shows Child Care Outpaces Nearly All Other Family Expenses Nationwide

Child Care is a Community Issue

All In the Family - Using Relatives for Child Care

Todo Queda en la Familia - Cuidado de Ninos por Parientes

Introducing: Member Meet Ups

5 Key Elements for CCR&Rs Providing Post-Disaster Support

Reflections from a Child Care and Early Learning Family Advocate

Health Resource Spotlight: Emergency Preparedness Manual for Early Childhood Programs

Nuevas Investigaciones Importantes para Padres

Important Research for Parents

Federal Employees & Members of the Military Show Some Love to CCAoA with CFC #12300

Congress Approves Bill That Provides Strong Support for Child Care Programs

Shape the Future in Child Care: Submit Your Nomination for the Board of Directors

Statement from the Executive Director on the Administration’s Proposed Public Charge Rule

New Consumer Education Tools & Resources Created with the CCR&R in Mind

Data Management for CCR&Rs

Health Resource Spotlight: Resources to Support Families Experiencing Homelessness

Success in Massachusetts: A Little Help on Advocacy Can Help Secure Big Funding

Child Abuse and Neglect: Prevention and Response

CCR&Rs and Eligibility Workers

Brain-Building Partnership: Apply for this Vroom Opportunity

10 Ways CCR&Rs Can Engage the Community around Power to the Profession

7 Steps for Successful Succession Planning

3 Ways to Improve Your Agency's Facebook Page

Congress Returns With a Full Agenda and Little Time to Act

Encouraging Child Care Providers to Include Emergency Planning on Their Back-to-School Checklists

Using the State Fact Sheets for Advocacy

Public Investments in Early Care and Education Could Help End Poverty

Preparing for Wildfires: The Reality of Today

What Is Leadership Institute?

Mobile Texting Success Stories: Kansas and Florida

6 Ways to Get Your Staff Involved with Power to the Profession

How CCR&Rs and Child Care Programs Can Effectively Communicate Using Mobile Texting

Resource and Referral’s Role in Supporting Breastfeeding

Child Care Aware® of America Report Shows Snapshot of Child Care Landscape Nationally and At State Level

The 2018 State Fact Sheets Shows How the Current Landscape is Affecting Working Families

Top 10 Things CCR&Rs Need to Know about Power to the Profession

Using Paid Advertising to Market Your CCR&R Agency

Child Care Aware® of America Furthers Partnership with the Bezos Family Foundation to Boost Family Engagement

VIDEO: Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies Are Here For You

Resource and Referral's Role in Supporting Breastfeeding

Health Resource Spotlight: Responsive Feeding Modules

Senate Holds Hearing on Paid Family Leave for Working Families

Why do parents spend so much on child care, yet early childhood educators earn so little?

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves FY 2019, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill

Prevent to Protect: The Most Common Unheard of Viral Cause of Birth Defect

Power to the Profession Webinar: Innovative Strategies to Engage Staff and Providers

Kawasaki Disease: What All Families and Providers Should Know

Statement: The Effects of Separation Policy are Devastating and Potentially Life-long

The Child Care and Development Fund: What CCR&Rs Should Know

House Subcommittee Approves Appropriations Bill With Proposed Funding for ECE Programs

Health Resource Spotlight: Interactive Learning Modules for Child Care Health Consultants (CCHCs)

Final Child Care and Development Fund Plan Preprint Published for FY 2019

Raising a Reader

When It Comes To Child Care In America, The Cavalry IS Coming

Announcing the Family and Community Engagement: Promising Practices Spotlight Series

2018 Hurricane Season: Let's Get Ready

Safety and Injury Prevention Curriculum

Mapping the Gaps in Infant & Toddler Care Supply and Demand

VIDEO: The Importance of Finding a Child Care Center You Trust

Alabama Family Advocates Make Lasting First Impression With Memorable Child Care Story

Symposium 2018: Here’s What You May Have Missed

Addressing Trauma through Quality Early Learning Experiences

Child Care Aware® of America Releases Statement on SNAP

Power to the Profession: Provide Feedback and Shape Your Future

National Infant Immunization Week is Only A Week Away

The Latest from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Resources

Child Care Aware® of America Offering full Vroom Track at Symposium 2018

National Healthy Schools Day is April 3, 2018

Poison Prevention in Child Care

FY2018 Appropriations Bill Passed in Senate

Report: Arsenic in Nine Brands of Infant Cereal

Health Resource Spotlight: Tell Me a Story

Health Resource Spotlight: The Latest from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

In Celebration and Memoriam of Dr. T Berry Brazelton, the Good Fight Must Continue

New Proposal to Transform Financing of Early Childhood Care

I Can't Have Another Child Because of the Cost of Child Care

National Children's Dental Health Month is Over, But…

Bezos Family to Receive Children's Champion Award

Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education

Health Resource Spotlight: New Translations of Health Tips for Families

Health Resource Spotlight: I Like My Teeth

Making Strides Toward Healthier Child Care

The Lifetime Influence Child Care Providers Have on Children and Families

Submit Your Proposal to Provide Technical Assistance in Building Healthy Communities

Child Care Costs Outpace College Tuition: Action Is Needed

2018-2019 Child Care Policy Platform Highlights Critical Role of CCR&Rs

Investing in Early Childhood Pays Off

January 2018 Child Care Provider of the Month — Learn ‘n Play Preschool

Finding Flexible Child Care for Parents with Demanding Schedules

Eco-Healthy Child Care’s E-Learning Course

Child Care Aware® of America Awarded One-Year-Grant From Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Top 5 Victories in 2017 Paving the Way for A Successful 2018

Flu Season is Here: Take Precautions to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Healthy

Health Resource Spotlight: Brrr…

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s Symposium and Annual Meeting

Child Care Aware® of America Statement on New Medicaid Work Requirement Guidance

How I Navigated Finding Child Care, What I Learned

Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Care Available For Military Families

The Top 5 Things CCR&Rs Should Do After a Disaster

Could Your Cell Phone Really Save Your Life?

Preparing Children for Healthy Lives

Help Can Come from an Unexpected Source

Congress Passes Tax Reform Legislation that Could Harm Millions of Children and Families

Holiday Toy Safety: Making Smart Choices While Allowing Children to Have Fun

Health Resource Spotlight: Tips for Keeping Children Safe - A Developmental Guide

Health Resource Spotlight: New Resources, Guidance on Criminal Background Checks

Celebrating Child Care and Making Connections at the 2017 ZERO TO THREE Conference

Snow Safety: Five Steps to be Prepared

Site Diagrams Made Easy – Do You Have One for Your Child Care Facility?

The Top 5 Things CCR&Rs Should Do During a Disaster

National Child Nutrition Conference — Scholarships Available

Child Care is Unaffordable Across the Nation

Report Shows Child Care Outpaces Nearly All Other Family Expenses Nationwide

The Role Families Play in Identifying Child Care Challenges and Identifying Solutions

How Vroom Can Help Providers and Parents Have Fun While Brain Building

Partnering to Send Care Packages to Puerto Ricans

Infographic: Handwashing is Key to Flu Prevention

Video: How Finding the Perfect Child Care Provider Is Possible

The Top 5 Things CCR&Rs Should Do Before a Disaster

Voices for Healthy Kids Calls for Early Care and Education Campaign Proposals

Health Resource Spotlight: Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care Settings

How a Local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency Can Strengthen Your Family

Health Resource Spotlight: Your Program’s Mealtime Practices—a Quick Self-Assessment

VIDEO: The Importance of a Locating a Nurturing Child Care Facility

Location, Location, Location! The Safe Siting of Child Care Facilities

House Tax Reform Package Approved in Committee

Helping Young Children Recover from Traumatic Events - What the Science Tells Us

Books and Resources to Help Children Before and After Emergency Drills

House Unveils Tax Reform Package

A Message from Our Executive Director Regarding the Child Care Tax Credit

Relationships Matter - A Parent’s Perspective

Not Just a Number: Finding the Right Fit for Her Child

Mapping the Child Care Gaps Across the Country

Child Care Aware® of America’s Story Maps Show States’ Child Care Gaps

Senate Approves Budget Resolution

The Need for Disaster Response Plans for Children with Disabilities

Child Care Aware® of America Shares Brain-Building Tips During Vroom Week

Balancing Quality, Affordable Child Care with Provider Compensation

Why I Closed My In-Home Child Care

Health Resource Spotlight: A Water-Loving Otter Named Potter

Helping Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness

Provider Health Spotlight on Patricia Crosby

Child Care Aware® of America Welcomes Four New Board Members

Children’s Environmental Health Day

Family Engagement: What IS IT and What Does It LOOK LIKE?

September 2017 Footnotes

Congress To Miss Deadline on Extending Funding for Children's Health Insurance and Home Visiting Programs

Riding Out the Storm

Where in the World? Visualizing Data through Mapping

Provider Health Spotlight on Margo Sipes

Health Resource Spotlight: Understanding Preschool Expulsion

New Bill Would Make Affordable Child Care a Reality for All Families

August 2017 Footnotes

Celebrating Grandparents and the Important Role They Play in Children’s Lives

Are Family Child Care Businesses Adequately Prepared for the Impact of a Disaster?

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Bill to Protect Child Care Funding

Vroom Resources Promote Healthy Brain Development

The Next Chapter: Knocking on the Door to Kindergarten

National Preparedness Month – Take the Pledge!

Family Voices Successful at Driving Federal Policy

Child Care Disaster Response and Recovery Webinar Series

From One Family to Another: Tips to Make the Transition Easier

Policies that Support Breastfeeding in Child Care Facilities

The Present and Future of Child Care Assistance Programs in the United States

Child Care Aware® of America Welcomes Yvette Sanchez Fuentes as Deputy Chief of Public Policy

Explaining and Safely Viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse with our Smallest Learners

Provider Health Spotlight on Celeste Joyner

What to Look for in a Quality Afterschool Program

Health Resource Spotlight: Head Start’s Mental Health Tool

Payment Rates and Nutrition Labels: CACFP Implementation Resources

Include Emergency Planning on Your Back-to-School Checklist

July 2017 Footnotes

Health is Key to School Success

Sick, Absent, or Forgotten? How a Change in Routine Can Become Deadly in Minutes

Bi-Partisan Child Care Program That Supports Parents in College Introduced

Child Care Affordability: Will the New Policy Work? Or Is There Still Progress to be Made?

House Appropriations Committee Proposes Funding Increase for CCDBG

Provider Health Spotlight on JeAnne Faris

Health Resource Spotlight: Child Care State Licensing Database

Senate Unveils Draft Health Care Repeal Legislation Update

Child Care Aware® of America Releases 2017 State Fact Sheets

Sharing Vroom with the Child Care Community

Editing Exchange: An Editor's First Year Account of Understanding Child Care

June 2017 Footnotes

June 2017 Child Care Provider of the Month – Hampton University Child Development Center

The Exorbitant Cost of Child Care: A Millennial Parent Perspective

Check Out Your Library Before and After Disasters!

VIDEO: Finding Affordable, Quality Care for a Child with Special Needs

Senators Introduce Bi-Partisan Legislation Supporting Military Family Child Care

The Accountant and Child Care Advocacy

Provider Health Spotlight on Kira Boothe

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Child Care Licensing Database Launch

Prevent to Protect: A Mother’s Experience with the Unheard of Viral Cause of a Birth Defect

A Dad’s Perspective: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Child Care Deserts States-Based Reporting Now Available

Partnering with Vroom to Share Tools and Resources for Diverse Families

May 2017 Footnotes

Preparing for Hurricanes

The Danger of Spreading CMV: How We Can Protect Our Children

Should I stay or should I go?

Why Child Care Center Staff Need to Care About Flu Prevention

A Message from Our Executive Director Regarding the President's Budget Request

Reflections on Financing Early Care and Education

President Sends Budget Request to Congress

Child Care Aware® of America Introduces the Family Voices Blog/Vlog Series

Record-Breaking Start for 2017 Tornadoes: Prepare Your Child Care Program

The Role Child Care Plays for Single Parents

A Mother’s Story: The Challenge and Gift of Affording Quality Child Care

National Call-In Day May 18

Provider Health Spotlight on Christina Nelson

Health Resource Spotlight: Virtual Early Education Center

How Vroom Speaks to Every CCR&R Audience

Celebrating Provider Appreciation Day

April 2017 Footnotes

House Passes Legislation That Could Put Access to Health Care for Children and Families At Risk

The Importance of Including Children in Emergency Preparedness Planning

Child Care Advocates Join Together to Celebrate Provider Appreciation Day 2017

Child Care Aware® of America Wins Arlington’s Best Business Award

Child Care Programs Fare Very Well in Budget Agreement

Did You Miss the Child Care Aware® of America Policy Summit? Here’s a Recap

Trumps Tax Plan Fall Short of the Child Care Support Families Need

Our Chief of Policy Speaks to The Preschool Podcast on Impactful Advocacy for Child Care

How Child Care Providers Play a Role in Childhood Immunizations

Month of the Military Child: Our Executive Director's Story

Legislation Protecting Children in Disasters

Family Voices, Quality Choices

Breastfeeding-Friendly Designation for Child Care/New York State Department of Health

Provider Health Spotlight on Barb Sinner

Month of the Military Child: CCAoA Board Member Patricia Barron’s Story

Attention: Child Care Staff - Sign up for Health Round-Up News

Honoring Health Equity Day: What is Child Care's Role?

Interstate Collapse in Atlanta Offers Lessons for Parents & Providers

Month of the Military Child: Adina’s Story

TODAY is Child Care Call-In Day!

Parents: Is Your Child Care Program Prepared?

CCAoA Holds Child Care Briefing on Capitol Hill.

Why I’m Not Having Children…At Least Not Anytime Soon

Outbreak of E. coli Infections in Kids Linked to Recalled SoyNut Butter Products

Millennials Face Unprecedented Challenges in Affording Child Care

Health Resource Spotlight: Bring Out the Best in Your Children

Provider Health Spotlight on Tatiyana Lipinka

National Poison Prevention Week: Not About Removing Everything that Could Be Toxic

President Trump Proposes Elimination of Programs That Support Child Care

UPDATE: House withdraws ACA Repeal and Replace Legislation

Flu Season is Still Here: Protect Yourself and the Children in Your Care

February 2017 Footnotes

Dear Ivanka: If you want to fix child care, don’t start with women like me

Dr. Lynette Fraga Elected as Chair of Children’s Leadership Council Board of Directors

¿Por Qué Mi Hijo Se Comporta Así?

Why Does My Child Act Like That?

Our Executive Director Speaks to The Preschool Podcast About Affecting Change for Child Care

Provider Health Spotlight on the Kennedy Child Study Center (KCSC)

Health Resource Spotlight: Getting Fluoride for Your Child

Feeding Guidelines for Infants and Young Toddlers: A Responsive Parenting Approach

7 Ways YOU Can Help Us Improve Child Care in 2017

Congressman Tom Price Confirmed as Next Secretary of Health and Human Services

January 2017 Child Care Provider of the Month – Kind Hearts Day Care

Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos

January 2017 Footnotes

CCAoA Celebrates American Heart and Black History Months

Senators Introduce Bi-Partisan Legislation to Reform Child Care Tax Credits

Help Build Your Child's Brain on National Opposite Day

Provider Health Spotlight on Yolanda Gilbert

Health Resource Spotlight: Nutrition Education

Helping Children Deal with Stress

December 2016 Footnotes

Take Action Against an Undetectable Gas: It’s National Radon Action Month

Child Care Health Summits – Colorado

Health Resource Spotlight: Reducing Stress

Holiday Toy Safety – Making Smart Choices While Allowing Children to Still Have Fun

Submit Your Proposal to Help Disseminate High-Quality Child Care Information to Vulnerable Families

The 114th Congress Ends and President Obama Signs His Final Bills Into Law

November 2016 Footnotes

Evaluating the Impact of Expensive Child Care on Families, Businesses, and the Economy

Report Shows Child Care Too Expensive for Today’s Families

Obama Administration Releases Final ESSA Regulations

Election Debrief: Child Care Advocacy in the Trump Administration

CCAoA to Host Facebook Live Panel with Advocates on Election Results and What’s Next for Child Care

Congress Punts on Finishing Federal Budget Until March

Leaving for Logan: Looking for an Oasis in a Child Care Desert

Whole-Grain Rich Foods—What’s That?

Report on Media Use and How It Affects Young Children

Provider Health Spotlight on Karen Ekdahl

Child Care Aware® of America Celebrates Military Family Appreciation Month

October 2016 Footnotes

September 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month: Brenda’s Child Care

Federal Employees, Show Some Love to CCAoA with CFC #12300

CCAoA Recognized for Outstanding Marketing and Communications Work

Administration Publishes New Early Learning Guidance

Is Your Smoke Alarm Working? Outdated?

CCAoA Poll Explores How & What Parents Look for in Quality Child Care

Child Care Aware® of America Report Focuses on Barriers to Early Education for Boys of Color

Getting Serious About Fire Safety

The Opportunity Gap Starts at Child Care’s Door

Provider Health Spotlight on Maranda Parker

Hillary Clinton Proposes Doubling the Child Tax Credit

Protect Yourself in an Earthquake: The Great ShakeOut!

Summary of CCDF Final Rule Now Available

Minnesota Receives Child Care Emergency Preparedness Grant

September 2016 Footnotes

What You Need to Know: Zika Virus

CCAoA Discusses Child Care on Diane Rehm Show

New Research on Implicit Bias in Early Childhood Education

Child Care Mentioned Early On In First Presidential Debate

A Divided Electorate Unites on Quality Early Childhood Care and Learning

Care Index Launch & Event: Hear from the Leading Voices on Child Care

Kansas Begins Two-Year Project to Focus on Emergency Preparedness for Child Care

September is Obesity Prevention Month

Webinar: Serving Young Homeless Children under CCDF

Health Resource Spotlight: Practice-Based Coaching

Provider Health Spotlight on Tammy Kasier

Presidential Candidates Release Child Care Proposals—What This Means for Parents

Child Care Takes Center Stage in this Election - As it Should

New Study Explores Child Care Supply and Demand—and the Prevalence of Child Care ‘Deserts’

World Environmental Health Day: Building Awareness around Tobacco Control

Child Care Deserts: Getting a Handle on Child Care Supply and Demand

Tulsa Child Care Resource Center Awarded Emergency Preparedness Grant

August 2016 Footnotes

Child Care Aware® of America Launches a Movement to Make Child Care Work for America

Administration Releases New Head Start Performance Standards

September is National Preparedness Month

Join the Child Care Works Movement

Show Some Love! CFC Designated Charity #12300

D-SNAP: Preparing for Disaster

Recovering From Floods

State Plans for Healthy Child Care, Healthy Communities Participants

Provider Health Spotlight on Jennifer Hockensmith

Health Resource Spotlight: New Briefs Covering CCDBG Health and Safety Topics

NDS Lunch and Learn Webinar: CCDBG and Licensing Data Integration

CCAoA Launches New Pilot Project to Help Communities Prepare for, Respond to, and Recover from Disasters

Dancing the Prep Step for Emergency Preparedness

New Reimbursement Rates for the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP)

Calling All Parents: CCAoA Wants Your Input!

CCAoA Announces New Healthy and Safe Child Care Funding Opportunity

Vaccinating on Time is Important for Disease Protection

April 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month – Perfect Start Learning Center

July 2016 Footnotes

Laundry Pods Pose Ingestion Risk to Children

Celebrating 26 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Health Resource Spotlight: The I Am Moving, I Am Learning Tool

Reducing Obesity in Youth Act

New Report Highlights Challenge to Implement Quality, Affordable Child Care Nationwide

Child Care Programs Receive Proposed Funding Levels for Next Year

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Web Services API Module for NDS

June 2016 Footnotes

Status of Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bills

Donate to Child Care Aware® of America Using AmazonSmile

CCR&Rs: Fighting for Child Care, Fighting for You

Senate Assesses CCDBG Implementation During Hearing

Just the 10 of Us: When Child Care Costs Become Too Much

Advancing the Early Childhood Profession

Provider Health Spotlight on Cindy Hodges

Children and Zika: What Child Care Providers Need to Know

Family Leave for All: A Dad's Story

U.S. Senate Committee to Hold CCDBG Status Hearing

Speaker Paul Ryan's Task Force Publishes Anti-Poverty Plan

Fight the Bite of Mosquitoes this Summer

Balancing Books and Child Care

May 2016 Footnotes

Summer Programs: Combating Learning Loss

From Heartbreak to Action: Making Virginia Child Care Safer

Finding Quality Afterschool Care For Your Kids

Not Just Playdoh and Crayons: A Pediatrician’s Perspective on Child Care

Building a User-Friendly Website to Support CCDBG Implementation

Healthy and Safe Swimming Week 2016

Family Bonds: Grandparents as Caregivers

On Becoming a Parent Advocate

May 15-21 is Designated as Hurricane Preparedness Week

Secretary Clinton Speaks to Parents About Child Care, Family Issues

Labor of Love: A Mother's Life-Changing Journey to Quality Child Care

Participate in National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day – Thursday, May 5!

Emergency Preparedness Funding Announced for CCR&R Agencies

April 2016 Footnotes

Celebrating Provider Appreciation Day

May is Asthma Awareness Month

USDA Announces New Meal Pattern Guidelines for Child and Adult Care Food Program

Resources for National Infant Immunization Week

Child Care Aware® of America Celebrates the Month of the Military Child

February 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month – Good Shepherd Child Care Center, Inc.

A Day on the Hill: How We Let Congress Know That Child Care Works

Did You Miss our 2016 Symposium? Here’s a Recap.

March 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month – The Growing Patch

March 2016 Footnotes

Symposium 2016 Virtual Conference

Access to Quality Child Care Supports Recommendations Made in Food Insecurity and Hunger in the U.S.

House Budget Committee Approves FY 2017 Budget Resolution

CCAoA Celebrates National Poison Prevention Week

Child Care Aware® of America Releases 2015 Annual Report

We Moved… to Another Floor!

Take A Break At Symposium 2016

Spotlight on Active Implementation to Improve Child and Family Outcomes

February 2016 Footnotes

January 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month – Northwest’s Child

Congresswomen Introduce Campus Child Care Legislation

Babies 2 Kids Learning Center - December 2015 Child Care Provider of the Month

Congresswomen Build Support for More Funding for Child Care in FY 2017

December 2015 Child Care Provider of the Month – Babies 2 Kids Learning Center

Who Plays a Role in Helping Children Achieve a Healthy Weight?

Army Fee Assistance Program Transition Begins

Obama Administration Proposes New Child Care Regulations

Happy 25th Anniversary to Child Care Aware of Kansas

Congress Introduces New Child Care Legislation

President Obama’s FY 2017 Budget: Big Investments in Early Education

January 2016 Footnotes

8 Reasons To Attend Symposium 2016

Child Care Aware® of America Announces 10 Sites For Vroom Rollout

W. K. Kellogg Foundation Partnership to Help Families Find Quality Child Care

Child Nutrition Reauthorization In Reach

Examining the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

December 2015 Footnotes

Developmental Monitoring and Screening Supports Healthy Child Development

November 2015 Child Care Provider of the Month – Tipton Adaptive Daycare

Department of Labor Announces New Child Care Grant

January is National Radon Action Month

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Plans for 2016 Symposium

Proposed Rule-Making On the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)

Deal Reached on Federal Budget

President Obama Signs Education Bill Into Law

November 2015 Footnotes

Cost and Availability of Child Care Continues to Burden American Families

Announcing the 2015 Cost of Child Care Report

Congress on the Verge of Overhauling No Child Left Behind

Coping in the Wake of Mass Shootings and Violent Events

Child Care Aware® of America to Launch Emergency Preparedness Program

Child Care Aware® of America Releases New Three Year Strategic Plan

CCAoA Public Policy Agenda—A Bright and Bold Future for Child Care

Supporting Military Families Every Day

Being Thankful – It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving Anymore

CCDBG Anniversary: A letter from the Executive Director

National Young Readers Week 2015

October 2015 Footnotes

Parent and Family Advocates Share Their Child Care Stories for Giving Tuesday

Keeping Children Safe on Child Health Day and Every Day

Children and Obesity Prevention – What Really Works

New Survey Shows Wide Support for School Meal and Dietary Guidelines

Earth Sciences and the Importance of STEM Education

Announcing States Selected for Healthy Child Care, Healthy Communities Project

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month

Show You Care: Send Child Care Advocates to Capitol Hill

Announcing the Partnership with Bezos Family Foundation Focused on Family Engagement

September 2015 Footnotes

CCA to Participate in Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance System

Advancing Early Childhood Education as a Professional Field of Practice

Congress Approves Temporary Funding Measure

Ilse Wilson & Fairyland Family Child Care: August Provider of the Month

Highlighting Corporate Investments in Early Education

Are You Prepared? Getting Ready for Emergency Preparedness Month

Statement On the Passing of Gwen Morgan, Child Care Pioneer

August 2015 Footnotes

What Happens With Child Care When Children Go Back to School?

Open Applications for Healthy Child Care, Healthy Communities Project

For Your Back to School List: Take Action This August

July 2015 Child Care Provider of the Month – Kristy Whitley and Mt. Moriah Child Development Center

July 2015 Footnotes

Children and Obesity Prevention: What Works

Teaching Children Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education

Read Where You Are!

Talk, Read, Sing – Start Early With Children to Fight the Word Gap

Reauthorization of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Senate Approves Bi-Partisan Overhaul of No Child Left Behind

Playing Pretend…With Math!

Bringing Emotional Development to the Big Screen

Announcing Partnership with Bezos Family Foundation Focused on Family Engagement

Senate to Begin Debating Bi-Partisan Overhaul of ESEA This Week

June 2015 Footnotes

Preventing Child Vehicular Heatstroke

Child Care & ECD Update: Major Fight Looms Over Funding for Next Year

2015 State Fact Sheets: Highlighting A Complex Early Care Landscape

The 2015 Child Care State Fact Sheets: A Complex Early Care Landscape

We Raise America

Celebrate the National Day of Summer Learning

Child Care Aware® of America Wins a Silver ‘Power of A’ Award

Summer Meals Act of 2015

Strong Start for America's Children Act of 2015 Introduced

Congress Introduces the “Strong Start for America’s Children Act of 2015”

Child Care Aware® of America Announces Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Child Care Advocates Recognize Providers and Early Childhood Educators through New Appreciation Program

Why National Poetry Month is Important for Children

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month

New Report Could Be a Game Changer for the Child Care Workforce

2015 Child Care Aware® of America Annual Meeting and Conference

Comment Period for Child and Adult Care Food Program Deadline April 15

House Passes Bipartisan Measure to Extend Health Insurance and Home Visiting Programs for Children

The New Congress Releases its Budget Proposals

National Child and Adult Care Food Programs Week

President Obama visits the Sunflower State to Talk about Quality, Affordable Child Care

President Obama Releases Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal

Making Quality, Affordable Child Care a ‘National Economic Priority’

BREAKING: President Obama Announces Landmark Child Care Proposal

Quality, Affordable Child Care in President Obama's State of the Union

President to Announce New Initiatives to Make Child Care More Affordable in Tonight's State of the Union

ACF Announces Preliminary Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Grantees

Appropriators Release Spending Bill for Fiscal Year 2015 (CRomnibus Edition)

President Obama Signs Child Care and Development Block Grant into Law

BREAKING: President Obama Signs CCDBG Reauthorization Bill into Law

BREAKING: Congress Sends Bi-Partisan Child Care Bill to President

CCDBG Roundup: Everything you need to know for Thursday

Office of Science and Technology Policy Spotlights the Importance of Early Literacy

Supporters Rally For Change at First-Ever Family Advocacy Summit

The Fight for CCDBG Reauthorization Continues

Building Relationships with Exceptional Families

Revisar Antes de Cerrar

Look Before You Lock

The Tragic Truth About Vehicular Heatstroke

Summer Reading = Summer Fun at Your Library!

Lectura en el Verano = ¡Diversión en su Biblioteca!

Working Families Summit Recap

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Approves Funding Increase for Early Childhood Programs

Manténgalos Seguros Mientras Se Divierten

Being Safe and Having Fun

PBS NewsHour on the Cost of Child Care

Quality Child Care Gives Families Peace of Mind

Beyond Appreciation…Gratitude for our Nation's Child Care Providers

Buzz on Early Childhood is Good; Progress Still Needed

Let’s Move! Child Care Celebrates 3rd Anniversary—Sign Up and Take the Quiz Today!

2014 Symposium - Day 2 and 3

2014 Symposium Kicks Off With a Great Start

Partnering for Families With Sesame Workshop

CCAoA member testifies before House Subcommittee for CCR&R perspective on CCDBG Reauth

Oklahoma CCR&R Director to Testify at House Committee Hearing on CCDBG Reauthorization

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes CCDBG Reauthorization Bill: Day 2 Recap

Senate Takes Up CCDBG Reauthorization: Day 1 Recap

California Makes Progress Ensuring Basic Health, Safety of Children in Licensed Child Care

Obama Administration Releases FY2015 Budget with Commitment to Early Learning

Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns

5 Reasons the Reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant Matters

Raise Your Hand Discussion Continued at Symposium

New Farm Bill Hurts Vulnerable Children

Congress Hears Call for Action, House and Senate Hold Hearings on Early Learning

From Rhetoric to Reality: Inspiring the Nation to Action

Mikulski and Rogers Unveil Omnibus Spending Bill for FY2014

Congress Set to Pass Spending Bill with Investments for Early Learning

2013: Setting the Stage for Young Children in 2014

Bi-Partisan Budget Deal Passes Out of House, Moves to Senate

Child Care Aware® of America Travels to the Golden State

Dissecting the Strong Start for America’s Children Act of 2013

New Report Finds States Lacking in Background Checks and Inspections

Nevada On-Site Advocacy Trainings

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2013 Report

White House, Sesame Street Endorse Healthy Options for Children

Building Advocates in Montana

New Jersey Advocacy Training

The Child Care and Development Block Grant Moves Onward

Priced Out of Licensed Child Care?

5 Tips for Recess SUCCESS!

Helping Children Wash Their Hands

The Science is Clear: Children Need Adults to Step Up

Oklahoma Has the Spirit

What's the Back-Up Plan?

¿Cuál es el Plan B?

Florida On-Site Advocacy

It Takes a Village – Rally4Babies Highlights Need to Invest in Early Childhood

It’s Time to Fix Child Care: Reauthorization Bill Introduced in Senate

Retired Military Leaders Support Comprehensive Early Learning Agenda

6 Ways to Encourage a Child's Creativity

Su Hijo Creativo

Policies that Work for Working Families

Learning from the Military Child Care System

Talking with Your Child About Natural Disasters

Hablando con su Niño Acerca de Desastres Naturales

New HHS Rules Promoting Children’s Health & Safety in Child Care

Summer Reading Matters

A Child Care License Should Mean Children are Safe

Helping Children Cope with Violence and Disasters

Ayudando a Niños a Lidiar con Violencia y Desastres

Lávese, Lávese, Lávese las Manos

Virginia County Looks to Weaken Child Care

Virginia Needs an Overhaul of State Child Care Laws

Early Learning is an Economic Development Strategy

Are Children Safe? It's Time to Ask. It's Time to Act.

Join the Campaign for Affordable, Quality Child Care

Safe Child Care: Violence Prevention

Progress Toward Quality Child Care

Join Senator Mikulski: Any Budget Deal Should Put Children First!

Parents Want Affordable, Quality Child Care!

Juggling Sick Children and Child Care

Executive Function Skills Lacking. More Training Is Needed for Providers.

Calling on Mothers - Time to Speak Up

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Tiempo para el Kinder

Are Children in Child Care Safe During Disasters?

New Report Shows High Cost of Child Care

Jacob's Story

Washington Auditor's Report Finds Sex Offenders in Child Care

Background Checks Promote Children's Safety in Child Care

Children Should Be Safe in Child Care

Precauciones del Sol Este Verano

Summer Sun Safety

Medication Safety

Seguridad con los Medicamentos

How Does Your Garden Grow?

¿Cómo Creces tu Jardín?

Tomando un Descanso de la TV

Taking a TV "Time Out"

Holiday Tips

Consejos para las Fiestas

Mantenerse Involucrado

Being Hands-On