Promoting STEAM in Early Childhood

By Dr. William White on October 29, 2021

On many hot summer days, my Uncle Preston would drive down from Alexandria, VA to White Oak, VA in my Aunt Margret’s silver T-Top to pick me up for one of our many adventures. Summertime was always a great time of the year only if I didn’t have to go to summer school. He would drive me back to the Huntington Metro in Alexandria, and we would jump on the train and go past the DCA airport, watching planes take off, as we ventured into DC to visit the Smithsonian Museums and my favorite, the Air and Space Museum. Walking through the front doors, you see airplanes and spaceships all around you and can sit in pilot seats, imagining flying a plane or blasting off to space. It was incredible. These experiences are just a bit of what I was introduced to as a child, but I wonder, how many children have had these same experiences?

Topics: STEAM

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