Case Study: Using Social Media to Make a Difference in Your Community

By Meg Biallas on February 03, 2022

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Best Practices

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Blog #3: Leadership: Building a Sustainable Virtual Coaching System

By Anita E. Allison on January 13, 2022

You can find the first two blogs here, and here.

In this third blog of our Virtual Coaching series, the focus is on how leaders can build a virtual coaching system that is both responsive to early childhood educator’s and stakeholder needs, as well as sustainable in the long term. When implementing any new system there may be other elements of the day-to-day organization that need to change. Those changes are best implemented and sustained when they are supported by senior leadership and have buy-in from all involved. This includes funders, early childhood educators, coaches, supervisors, and technology staff that may be impacted as virtual coaching is put into practice. To build and promote a successful virtual coaching model some business policies and practices may also need to be re-examined, e.g., use of virtual platforms, confidentiality, equipment usage, staff time, and compensation. Updating these policies and practices can lead to successful planning and implementation, and ultimately result in the sustainability of the new program.

Topics: Professional Development

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Case Study: How to Develop Relationships With Media

By David Carrier on November 04, 2021

This case study is part of Child Care Aware® of America’s Marketing Toolbox, a member benefit that features resources with information and advice on marketing best practices in activities such as branding, reputation management, social media and much more. The Toolbox’s media relations resources include tip sheets on building relationships with reporters, identifying and preparing staff and clients for media interviews, and a press release template 

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Best Practices

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Virtual Coaching Considerations

By Anita E. Allison on September 27, 2021

As shared in the previous blog entitled “Virtual Coaching: Lessons Learned During the Pandemic,” transitioning to virtual coaching required professional development providers to anticipate and prepare for the changes and adaptations needed to make the shift from in-person to virtual coaching. Issues such as new technologies, equipment, training, recruiting providers, and virtual platforms need to be considered to implement virtual coaching successfully. 

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Systems Building, Professional Development, Best Practices

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Case Study: How to Boost Your Child Care Business’ Reputation

By Meg Biallas on September 23, 2021


“I had so much fun on Thursday taking the parenting class with my husband & we made some new friends too while we were there. I will definitely keep going back every time.” 

“Such an awesome resource for children and families. Their staff is kind and caring and always make you feel welcomed.” 

“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G STAFF!!!!! Incredible resources! I love this place! There is a free library and playground where you can bring your children. They also have events on certain days!” 


These are just a few of the Google Reviews for the Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) in Canton, Ohio, which is a member of Child Care Aware® of America.  

With more than 60 reviews that largely echo the sentiments above, and nearly a 5-star rating, what is the secret to ECRC’s success? Turns out: it’s about providing great client service and support.  

Angela Moses, director of Early Care and Education Services at the Early Childhood Resource Center, shared how she and her staff have worked hard to create a welcoming experience for the families they serve. Here are four tips for child care staff to address a client's concern:  

  • Work quickly. When a concern arises, don’t delay. Work quickly to resolve the issue. 
  • Seek understanding. Try to get a full 360-degree view of the situation, including the client’s perspective and the staff’s perspective.  
  • Provide training. Equip your staff with resources, training and effective communications strategies so they can better support the clients.  
  • Take an empathic approach. View the concern from the client’s point of view. This helps the client feel understood and can reduce overall tension and conflict.  

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Best Practices

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September is National Preparedness Month

By Julie Looper Coats on September 07, 2021

Each September, we commemorate National Preparedness Month to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. has announced that this annual event’s theme for 2021 is “Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Health & Safety, News

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