Partnering with Families for Child Care Emergency Preparedness

By Jillian Ritter on February 02, 2021

Families put a lot of trust in child care providers every day. Part of that trust is knowing that children will be safe and cared for in any situation, including during and after an emergency. Child care providers who plan ahead are better-prepared and will know what to do to respond to an emergency and keep the children in their care safe. By planning and preparing in advance, they are also able to recover faster after an emergency.  

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4 Strategies for Teaching Black History in Early Learning Programs

By Courtney Penn on February 01, 2021


Each February, we set aside each time to celebrate Black History Month (BHM). The observance of BHM is a sort of antidote to the lack of Black history being embedded in general American history the rest of the year. We must understand that when we leave Black American or any other culture’s contributions out of our history, we miss a chance to learn about the inventions, films, music, freedom fighters and the legacy of strength and inspiration that this county was built upon. We hope that one day we will have strong, robust history lessons that celebrate the diversity of our country, but until we do observances such as BHM are critical.

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Steps Child Care Programs Can Take to Feel Prepared for Any Emergency

By Holly Nett on January 14, 2021

You may have seen reports of potential violence across the country leading up to the Presidential inauguration on January 20. We have heard from child care providers concerned about their program safety, the safety of their families and staff, and whether they should remain open for the next several days. 

Topics: Best Practices, Health & Safety

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A Look Back at Child Care in the 2020 Election

By Diane Girouard on January 06, 2021


The 2020 election cycle set a record for voter turnout. Preliminary estimates show that more Americans— about two-thirds of eligible voters— voted in 2020 than in any other election in U.S. history. And in every single community, child care was on the ballot in the positions of the officials elected. In addition, in some communities child care, early learning or support for children and families were directly on the ballot, and in many of these cases, there was robust support. 

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Resolve to Be Ready in 2021

By Jillian Ritter on January 05, 2021


The new year is a great time to reassess and ramp up your child care program’s emergency preparedness plans. encourages families to Resolve to Be Ready and we would like to help child care programs be ready in 2021 as well.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Best Practices, Health & Safety

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Goal Setting for Greater Impact

By Guest Blogger on December 21, 2020

Everyone can acknowledge that 2020 has been a year like no other. Leading a team in this new reality has reinforced for me the importance of good leadership practices relevant to communication, engagement, expectation setting and accountability. Based on my experience, I recommend leaders incorporate a few strategies to maximize team impact.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Best Practices

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