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Understanding When and Why Sick Kids Should Stay Home

By Kati Wilkins on August 27, 2019

Parents rely on child care so they can go to work, and many are left scrambling when their child gets sick. Providers have more than one child to care for, so they have to make tough decisions about whether to allow a sick child to come and risk the health of other children. That’s why it is important that child care resource and referral (CCR&R) agencies and child care health consultants work with providers to develop easy to understand Inclusion and Exclusion policies that define when a child is too sick to be in child care, and when they can stay in care.

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Taking Care of Young Children is Messy Business!

By Kati Wilkins on August 20, 2019

Taking care of young children is messy business! Between diaper changes, runny noses and regular play time, providers are always thinking about sanitation in order to keep their children and themselves from getting sick.

Sanitation practices are woven throughout a lot of different parts of a child care provider’s day, from making sure the center or home is clean and sanitary, to food handling and diaper changing. Every part of the day requires different steps and procedures for effective cleaning.

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Helping Caregivers Understand Immunization Requirements

By Kati Wilkins on August 14, 2019

As older kids go back to school and as younger children switch child care, August is National Immunization Awareness month. This is a great time for CCR&Rs to get ready to answer questions parents might have about why immunizations are important and inform them of their state or local immunization requirements. There has been a lot of news lately about the measles outbreak, and this has led to a wider conversation about vaccine requirements at child care centers and homes.

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Vroom Ambassador: Collaborating With Vroom in North Carolina

By Guest Blogger on August 13, 2019

Collaborating with Vroom has been exciting and informative here at the Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We are the child care resource and referral agency serving the nine counties of Alleghany, Ashe, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes and Yadkin.

Over the past several months, as a Vroom Ambassador, CCRC had the opportunity to show parents, teachers and caregivers how easy it is to help children learn using everyday activities they are already doing. CCRC has used many opportunities to share Vroom with families, teachers and caregivers including:

  • Community outreach events  
  • Professional development classes 
  • Referral packets                                                  
  • Toolkits for providers
  • Birthing centers
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Helping Your Child Go Places Through Literacy

By National Child Care Information and Referral Center Team on August 8, 2019

All parents want their children to be able to read, write and speak well, but it won't happen overnight. Literacy starts at birth and grows over many years.

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Ayudando a Su Hijo a Ampliar Sus Fronteras con el Alfabetismo

By National Child Care Information and Referral Center Team on August 8, 2019

Todo padre quiere que sus hijos sepan leer, escribir y hablar bien. Pero esto no sucederá de la noche a la mañana. El alfabetismo comienza con el nacimiento de su hijo y va creciendo.

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