The Art of the Possible - A Tribute to Departing CEO, Dr. Lynette Fraga

December 12, 2022

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The ways that Dr. Lynette M. Fraga will leave her mark on Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) are innumerable. As we think about Lynette’s departure as CEO on January 11, 2023, many of us are reflecting on the moments, experiences and inspirational words she has shared that will stick with us. A personal favorite among her familiar quotes is, “What’s the art of the possible?”  

As Lynette shared at CCAoA’s 2022 Leadership Institute, she first came across this phrase from the iconic book, From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development, which referenced early childhood intervention as “…an individualized strategy designed to increase the probability of a desired outcome, and not as a developmental panacea for all children under all circumstances. It is the ‘art of the possible’, based on the science of early childhood development.” 

Since this book was published more than twenty years ago, Lynette has brought this phrase to life. In many ways, it describes how Lynette has served CCAoA over the past 10 years and the undercurrent of the important issues we champion today. CCAoA and our supporters architect possibilities by: 

  • Cultivating diverse and emerging leaders that are reflective of the communities they serve. Leaders who are parents and families, child care providers and system professionals, the aspiring early childhood education workforce and even children who experience such care
  • Creating opportunities for community voices that have faced the greatest barriers to quality and accessible child care to lead and be heard; and  
  • Ensuring CCAoA models itself as an anti-racist organization that honors and is accountable for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion - both internally and externally, in all we do for the field. 
These are central tenets that Lynette has led with during her tenure at CCAoA and are baked into our organizational DNA. Help us pay tribute to the legacy of Lynette’s leadership and invest in new possibilities for the future of CCAoA and child care by donating today.

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April Dodge-Ostendorf

Written by April Dodge-Ostendorf

April Dodge-Ostendorf, MSW, is the Chief of Staff at Child Care Aware® of America. She has 20 years of professional experience advancing social service systems for children and families at local, state and national levels. April’s current work includes building cross-organizational knowledge and capacity for effective partnership engagement, fund development, and strategic alignment.