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August 05, 2021

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Have you experienced difficulty recruiting experienced, qualified staff? You are not alone. Child care professionals across the country have expressed a need for talented candidates to fill open positions within child care centers, homes and Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&Rs).  

Fortunately, you can now circumvent common recruitment challenges with Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA). Target a few quality candidates with your open jobs and avoid receiving masses of under-qualified applications from other recruitment options. Easily access a pool of talented professionals, allowing you to refine and improve the hiring portion of your recruitment process. 

Access the one-pager below to learn how to post your job in the Child Care Career Center. 

Download the One-Pager

Members of CCAoA can post basic, 30-day job listings for free. Log in to your member portal to start promoting your jobs.  

Here are three ways to improve hiring efficiency with CCAoA: 

  1. Resume filters help mitigate unconscious bias by refining candidate searches for the exact skills you're looking for without seeing candidates' identifying information. 
  1. Maximize job exposure by sending jobs directly to the inboxes of interested job seekers. 
  1. Leverage diversity and Veteran upgrades to attract a diverse applicant pool. 

Focus your recruitment activity on a targeted pool of specialized talent. 

Nonmembers’ 30-day job listings start at $199. Both members and nonmembers can upgrade their listings to stand out and reach more talent. Click here for more information on pricing for job listings in the Child Care Career Center.     

For more information and to start the journey to enhance your career or organization, please visit the Child Care Career Center at careers.childcareaware.org.  

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Falen Petros

Written by Falen Petros

Falen Petros has been with Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) since 2017 and holds a master’s degree in public health education and promotion. She has a background in public health, family consumer education and membership support services. In her role as Membership Support Specialist, she helps staff CCAoA’s Membership Committee, Joint Councils and Public Health & Child Care Task Force. As the COVID-19 Pandemic swept across the nation in March of 2020 Falen was instrumental in providing the needed staffing support that allowed Child Care Resource and Referral leaders to meet weekly and develop strategies around how to support the child care system and families across the nation. Falen’s professional experiences also include providing high quality care management training and workplace wellness seminars as a health educator at Inova Health Systems.