Voices for Healthy Kids Calls for Campaign Proposals

By Jessica Rose-Malm on April 06, 2020

Every child deserves the chance to eat healthy food and play every day. Because 60 % children under age 6 spend much of their time in care outside of their homes, early care and education (ECE) settings are important places for children to build healthy habits.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Health & Safety

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Care About Child Care? 5 Reasons You Want to Be at the 2020 Symposium

By Laurie Rackas on March 06, 2020

It happens every other year. Child Care Aware® of America hosts a Symposium that brings together individuals from across the country to discuss the latest research, policy and practices related to the early child care and education community.  This year’s 4-day event offers participants opportunities to hear from and connect with thought leaders, Congressional staff and other early education professionals.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Systems Building, Professional Development, Policy & Advocacy

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CCR&R:Helping Families, Improving Quality and Building Supply of Child Care

By Jen Bump on February 21, 2020


The first post in this series introduced Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (CCR&Rs) as valuable partners and guides for businesses ready to take action on child care. Let’s dig a little deeper into the current context of child care in America – and then explore the basics of CCR&Rs.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs

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Your On-the-Go Consumer Education Brochure Suite

By Kim Engelman on February 11, 2020

The process of searching for child care is undeniably one of the most difficult processes for families with young children to navigate. Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies play a critical role in partnering with families to ensure they have information to make the right child care choice for their family. We are excited to share with you a newly refreshed suite of on-the-go child care information brochures that you can use to bolster your own consumer education offerings.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Family & Community Engagement, En español

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Changes to the Scope of Public Charge Rules

By Lynette Fraga, Ph.D. on February 07, 2020

Update Feb. 6 - On Jan. 30, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that the new public charge rule will be effective as of Feb. 24, 2020, everywhere in the U.S. except Illinois, where a statewide preliminary injunction remains in place. This means that any green card applications that are postmarked or submitted electronically as of Feb. 24 will be subject to the new, broader public charge test. The DHS final rule only applies to immigrants who are applying for lawful permanent residency within the United States or who wish to apply in the future.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Family & Community Engagement, Policy & Advocacy

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The Business Case for Child Care - Taking Action

By Jen Bump on February 04, 2020

As a business leader, you’ve noticed it is becoming more and more difficult to hire and retain qualified workers. You’ve likely even considered the longer-term scenarios – will it be even more challenging to secure a reliable and productive workforce five or 10 or even 20 years from now?  

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs

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