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How Vroom Can Help Providers and Parents Have Fun While Brain Building

December 06, 2017

Amy Ornelas, a child care provider and grandparent and one of our Vroom Week winners, was thrilled to celebrate with us. She has been an avid user of the Vroom App, and wanted to share her experience for parents, grandparents and providers and how it has helped her.

Vroom Week, which was held October 16-20, celebrated the partnership between Child Care Aware® of America and Vroom by sharing interesting resources and tips, encouraging families and child care providers to participate by sharing their own tips on how to engage with children ages 0-5.

We had the pleasure of speaking with her about her experience with Vroom:

Tell us how you learned about Vroom. Did Child Care Aware of America elevate your attention to Vroom? If so, how?
I learned about Vroom through Child Care Aware® of America’s social media messages and emails.

How often do you use the Daily Vroom app?
We try to do something daily, if not at least 3 times a week.

Describe your experience downloading the Daily Vroom app? Was it an easy process? Downloading the app was very easy. I just went to the app store typed “Vroom” in search engine then downloaded it.

Do you use Vroom with your family and/or children you care for? What are the children’s ages with which you use Vroom?
I use Vroom with my grandchildren and the children in my child care program ages are from 0-5.

How easy is it for you to find activities to do in the Daily Vroom app? How can the app be made more user friendly?
I find the app very easy to use and I am not very good with Internet or computers!

How do you feel after completing tip activities with your children? How do the children feel?
The children and I are always very happy after using Vroom.

Were you already doing some of these suggested activities with the children at your facility, or as a parent before downloading the app?
Yes. Some of the activities we already did and some we were not doing. Having the app with a daily schedule makes it easier to plan our daily activities.

What does being a child care provider mean to you? How has Vroom helped?
Child care means loving and teaching each child in my care and helping them to each become confident in their own individualities. Vroom had helped by providing different learning ideas that I, as a provider, do not always think about.

How do you plan to share the Daily Vroom app with other child care providers or parents/grandparents?
I have told them about the Vroom app and also post videos on my child care page.

How has learning about Vroom encouraged you to continue to trust Child Care Aware® of America as a viable resource for helpful parent information?
Child Care Aware® of America is good at having unique ideas.

Download you FREE Vroom App here and get started on brain building fun with your child.

What is Vroom Week? Learn more!

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