Bringing Business to the Table for Early Childhood Education in Nebraska

By Guest Blogger on December 23, 2020


  • First Five Nebraska is sparking the early childhood conversation among business leaders through research, policy change and strategic engagement.
  • First Five Nebraska’s study, “The Bottom Line,” shows gaps in child care costs Nebraska nearly $1.4 billion annually in lost family income, business productivity and state revenues.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Coronavirus

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Lessons from the Pandemic: Child Care for Essential Workers

By Guest Blogger on December 22, 2020


  • Adventist HealthCare’s investments were a direct result of what they heard from employees
  • Partnering with organizations, such as The Lourie Center and KinderCare, allowed Adventist HealthCare to move quickly and rely on the expertise of those organizations

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in March, companies had to quickly adjust in order to support their employees with the changes that were taking place. For many, child care was the number one issue.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Health & Safety, Coronavirus

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Winter Break During the Pandemic: Play it Safe

By Kim Engelman on December 18, 2020

Winter break is right around the corner! 2020’s winter break (like most things) is impacted by COVID-19. The  pandemic continues to sweep the nation. As the weather has turned colder and people have retreated indoors, virus transmission rates are soaring to levels not yet seen since the pandemic began. We all must do our part to reduce community transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. That means that this year’s winter break may look and feel a little different for children and their families. 

Topics: Family & Community Engagement, Best Practices, Health & Safety, Coronavirus

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Outdoor Play in a Pandemic: How Child Care Can Reach Its Full Potential

By Guest Blogger on November 30, 2020

Because of COVID-19, concerns for young children’s physical and mental well-being have skyrocketed. These concerns are magnified in children and caretakers experiencing compromised or vulnerable situations. That's why the mental and physical health benefits of regular time outside is more important than ever. Now is the perfect time to improve and maximize your outdoor play environments as a critical tool in your healthy child care.

Topics: Professional Development, Best Practices, Health & Safety, Coronavirus

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Child Care Aware® of America's Child Care Licensing Benchmark Project

By Laurie Rackas on November 19, 2020

We know that high-quality early learning environments fuel the success of children and have positive social, economic and health impacts that last into adulthood.[1]

States can strongly influence whether their child care systems are quality-driven or not, especially in the areas of health and safety. That’s because quality can be achieved, in part, through strong state licensing regulations.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Systems Building, Professional Development, Coronavirus

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Why Health & Wellness is More Important than Ever in Child Care

By Nicole Garro, MPH on October 30, 2020

As Child Health Month comes to a close, Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) continues to promote and support early childhood health and health outcomes for the child care community. Child obesity remains a large problem which threatens the future health of children as they grow to adulthood. Child care providers are also a high risk population when it comes to health outcomes. Providers earn low wages and the majority of providers are women of color – characteristics often associated with poor access to care. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth new focus on the impact of inequity on health outcomes.

Despite the fact that the child care workforce may be at greater risk of chronic disease, there is a need for increased focus on their health, especially during this time. Enhanced and deliberate attention is essential to the physical and emotional wellness of young children and their child care providers given the long-term health impact for these populations.

Topics: Health & Safety, Coronavirus

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