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April 18, 2022

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About the #ThankYouChildCare Twitter Chat 

Celebrate Provider Appreciation Day® 2022 by joining the #ThankYouChildCare Twitter chat! 

Hosted by Child Care Aware® of America, you are invited to respond to questions and share how you are celebrating, as well as educating others on how we can collectively improve the child care sector at large.  

Who Can Participate in the Conversation?  

Anyone! This includes child care resource and referral agencies,  local, state and national organizations as well as advocates and caring families and community members. Even child care providers can participate -- show us pictures of how you’re being celebrated on this day. You don’t have to work in the child care field or have children to celebrate child care providers.  

A special thanks to our national strategic supporters who will be joining the Twitter chat: Children’s Environmental Health Network, the Center for Public Partnerships and Research of Kansas University, First Focus, Military Child Education Coalition, the National Wildlife Federation's Early Childhood Health Outdoors, Momsrising and ZERO TO THREE.  

Spread the Word 

Share the sample tweets below to let others know that you’ll be participating, and that they should, too. You can share this social media graphic to let people know when and where the chat will be happening.  

  • We’re excited to join the #ThankYouChildCare Twitter Chat on Friday, May 6 @ 1 pm ET.  
  • Join us and @childcareaware on Friday, May 6 to say #ThankYouChildcare programs for all they’ve done in the past year. 

Get Ready to Share 

Want to plan ahead with content and resources? Plan ahead by reviewing the questions below. We look forward to having you add to this conversation.  

Note: Questions will be sent by @childcareaware, paced throughout the hour (1 – 2 pm ET). Be sure to use #ThankYouChildCare in all your tweets.  

  1. Let's start by reflecting on the past year. We know the child care sector was already fragile. In what specific ways did the pandemic expose this even further?  
  2. Despite the challenges throughout COVID, we saw many providers find deeply innovative ways to continue serving children and families. Share a few of the ways you’ve seen this play out.  
  3. Providers don’t work alone – they are deeply connected to their community. What creative partnerships, alliances and supports have you seen continue and develop within the #childcare sector over the past year? Let’s celebrate and call them out!  
  4. More than 94% of child care providers are women, and 40% are people of color. In what ways did you see models of or movement toward a more equitable child care system? Or, how would you like to see change?  
  5. Throughout the pandemic, the child care sector received funding to support relief and recovery, but what long term support is needed to solve systemic issues that the pandemic exacerbated?  
  6. Providers like to feel appreciated and they also like to be equipped! Share resources that help highlight the importance of child care providers. Or, share resources that directly support providers.  
  7. As we start to wrap up the #ThankYouChildCare chat, we want to hear from all of you: (a) how are you celebrating providers today and this week? (b) What are some ways we can all support providers year-round? 
  8. Let’s end with a celebratory thank you to our nation of child care providers. Share why you are thankful for providers, and name a local provider, resource & referral agency, or other community group that supported children and families this past year. 

Don’t miss out Provider Appreciation Day® 2022. Access our full toolkit of social media copy, graphics, printables more.  

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Meg Biallas

Written by Meg Biallas

Meg Biallas is the Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing for Child Care Aware® of America. She has designed and implemented digital communications campaigns for youth- and health-focused organizations for more than 10 years. Prior to coming to CCAoA, she worked for the Center for Public Justice, First Focus, RAINN and Council for a Strong America. Meg has a bachelor of arts in journalism from Butler University (Indianapolis, Ind.) and is currently an MBA candidate at the Butler University Andre B. Lacy School of Business.