Legislation Protecting Children in Disasters

April 19, 2017

Child Care Aware® of America's Senior Director for Emergency Preparedness, Andrew Roszak, is keeping track of all things disaster-related. He recently authored an in-depth look at recent federal initiatives aimed at protecting children in disasters, which appears at Domestic Preparedness.com.

Emergencies and disasters can have a profound impact on children. From 2004-2012, less than $0.01 of every $10 invested by federal emergency preparedness grants went to activities geared toward improving children’s safety. As the federal government plays a major role in funding and directing emergency preparedness, it is encouraging to see recent legislative and policy developments designed to increase planning and preparation for children of all ages.

The article discusses:

  • The reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act
  • H.R. 4509 – The State and High-Risk Urban Area Working Group Act
  • H.R. 1372 – Homeland Security for Children Act
  • Hospital Preparedness Program and EMS for Children Program

In addition to the article, Andy also moderated a podcast discussing the importance of including the needs of children in preparedness planning, response and recovery efforts. This podcast will be available in late-April and feature the following subject matter experts:

  • Andrew Roszak (Moderator), Senior Director of Emergency Preparedness at Child Care Aware® of America
  • Leadell Ediger, Executive Director of Child Care Aware® of Kansas
  • Paul E. Petersen, Director of Emergency Preparedness Program, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Richard Serino, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, and Former Deputy Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Melissa K. Spencer, Deputy Coordinator of Story County Emergency Management

For more information, visit the Domestic Preparedness website.


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Adina Young

Written by Adina Young

Adina Young is the Sr. Communications Manager at Child Care Aware® of America.