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Krista Scott

Krista Scott
Krista Scott is an experienced child health expert working at the forefront of policy, advocacy and equity as the current Senior Director for Child Care Health Policy at CCAoA. For over 15 years, Ms. Scott has worked in public health and education, primarily in non-profit and government agencies, where she has honed her expertise in early childhood health, mental health, special education, program development and support and in using policies to strengthen practice. Ms. Scott has her bachelor’s degree in political science and her Master of Social Work with a focus on management and policy.

Recent Posts

Submit Your Proposal to Provide Technical Assistance in Building Healthy Communities

By Krista Scott on February 08, 2018

With the support of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA) is pleased to offer technical assistance (TA) to states on projects that support development or maintenance of quality child care settings that promote child health.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Systems Building, Workforce, Health & Safety

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Preparing Children for Healthy Lives

By Krista Scott on December 27, 2017

Child care prepares our littlest for the future, by helping them learn and grow. A lot of time and energy is spent making sure that children are healthy right now, today in child care—we create safe environments, we do health checks, and our licensing and monitoring visits are designed to make sure that there are no public health and safety threats.
But what if we looked at health the way we look at learning--not just as things we do to keep children and their families healthy today, but as the building blocks for long, healthy lives? What if the meals we serve weren't just about giving kids something to eat to fill their tummies now, but were seen as giving children experiences with food, which in turn develops preferences for food that fuel their bodies and protects them from chronic diseases, like diabetes?

Topics: Health & Safety

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Policies that Support Breastfeeding in Child Care Facilities

By Krista Scott on August 23, 2017

Helping children get off to a good, healthy start in life is one of the hallmarks of quality child care. It makes sense that quality child care programs would have policies in place that support good infant feeding practices, including breastfeeding.

Topics: Policy & Advocacy, Health & Safety

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Payment Rates and Nutrition Labels: CACFP Implementation Resources

By Krista Scott on August 11, 2017

Establishing healthy habits in early childhood is critical to the early care and education setting.  The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is an important part of shaping the meals and snacks that child care providers serve for children and staff of all ages.  New documents and training resources have recently been released by the USDA to help participants with the transition to implementing new meal patterns by October 1, 2017.  In addition to these resources, the USDA released updated payment rates and a new labeling verification tool to help providers plan for meals and credit food more accurately, to make it easier for children to receive proper nutrition at every meal and snack time.

Topics: Health & Safety

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Health is Key to School Success

By Krista Scott on August 01, 2017

Many parents use August to prepare for the school year and cross many tasks off their list—school supplies, nailing down schedules, new clothes, and converting the family mindset from summer vacation to the school routine.

But, there is one more task. And you should add it to the top of your list, because it affects school readiness:

Health care for your children!

Topics: Policy & Advocacy, Health & Safety

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Provider Health Spotlight on JeAnne Faris

By Krista Scott on July 19, 2017


JeAnne Faris, Trinity Lutheran Child Care Center, Kalispell, Montana

Topics: Workforce, Best Practices, News

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