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Jillian Ritter

Jillian Ritter
Jillian Ritter serves as a Data Analyst for Child Care Aware® of America and a member of its Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery team. Her professional service includes more than 20 years in the early childhood care and education field in a variety of roles. She has a Master’s Degree in Youth Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development.

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Resolve to Be Ready in 2022

By Jillian Ritter on January 14, 2022


Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Best Practices, Health & Safety

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Winter and Holiday Safety Tips for Child Care Providers

By Jillian Ritter on December 10, 2021

Remember, as winter approaches, it can bring with it additional hazards. Child care providers can take steps to keep children safe from winter hazards such as extreme cold, snow, ice and the use of holiday decorations.   

Topics: Health & Safety

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Involving Children in Child Care Emergency Preparedness

By Jillian Ritter on November 04, 2021

Topics: Parenting, emergency preparedness

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Introducing: The Child Care Emergency Planning Video Series

By Jillian Ritter on March 01, 2021

Ensuring children’s health and safety in child care is the top concern for any child care program, and child care emergency preparedness is vital to meeting this need. One way providers can strengthen safety practices in a child care program is to have a written emergency plan. 


Child care providers run an evacuation drill with infants in 2019.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Professional Development, Health & Safety

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Partnering with Families for Child Care Emergency Preparedness

By Jillian Ritter on February 02, 2021

Families put a lot of trust in child care providers every day. Part of that trust is knowing that children will be safe and cared for in any situation, including during and after an emergency. Child care providers who plan ahead are better-prepared and will know what to do to respond to an emergency and keep the children in their care safe. By planning and preparing in advance, they are also able to recover faster after an emergency.  

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Best Practices, Parenting, Health & Safety

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La calidad del aire exterior y el cuidado infantil

By Jillian Ritter on January 21, 2021

Topics: En español

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