Courtney Penn

Courtney Penn
Courtney Penn has been in the field of Early Childhood for over 20 years. She joined the Child Care Aware of America team in 2020 as an Early Education/Child Care Specialist. Her roles prior to coming to CCAoA have spanned from Head Start teacher to Director of a statewide CCR&R support team in Indiana. She has a passion for supporting the work of the field through technical assistance and creating robust professional development resources and tools. Courtney has an undergraduate degree in Child Development and Family Life and a master’s degree in human development.

Recent Posts

6 Ways Child Care Providers Support Families Returning to Child Care

By Courtney Penn on April 01, 2021

COVID-19 has sent many of us on a winding road of change and unprecedented challenges. As we now have three vaccines for the virus and the number of cases is starting to go down, many communities are starting to open up and return to a more “Pre-COVID-19” life. For many families, this means children returning to child care after having been away from the setting for a year or even longer.

Topics: Business Operations for CCR&Rs, Parenting, Health & Safety, Coronavirus

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4 Strategies for Teaching Black History in Early Learning Programs

By Courtney Penn on February 01, 2021


Each February, we set aside each time to celebrate Black History Month (BHM). The observance of BHM is a sort of antidote to the lack of Black history being embedded in general American history the rest of the year. We must understand that when we leave Black American or any other culture’s contributions out of our history, we miss a chance to learn about the inventions, films, music, freedom fighters and the legacy of strength and inspiration that this county was built upon. We hope that one day we will have strong, robust history lessons that celebrate the diversity of our country, but until we do observances such as BHM are critical.

Topics: Best Practices

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