Provider Health Spotlight on Christina Nelson

May 15, 2017


Christina Nelson, Mountain View Child Care, North Troy, Vermont

The Problem

How can a child care program provide hands-on outdoor learning experiences that will instill in children a sense of responsibility for, and a connection to, nature?

The Solution

Scavenger hunts, snowshoeing, and chickens

How She Did It

Christina’s program has a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and now chickens being raised for eggs. The children help plant and nurture the garden, pick fruit, and feed the chickens and retrieve their eggs. And in return, they are treated to organic fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs during their mid-day meal and snacks.

Christina’s philosophy is that children who have positive experiences at a young age—whether with growing and eating healthy food, or physically exploring their environment—are more apt to continue their interest and active involvement in the world around them. So she engages them in a variety of outdoor activities including charting animal tracks and snow climbing. They’re having fun and simultaneously developing gross motor skills. According to Christina, “That’s important to us because we believe we are ‘planting the seeds’ for the continued growth of healthy lifestyles in our young children.”

The Results

Christina has overheard the children talking about “healthy foods” during play and mealtime. One child has even convinced her family to raise chickens.

On Christina’s Wish List

Funding for two things: more gardening equipment so they can expand the garden, and more children’s books related to gardening and harvesting.

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Topics: Family & Community Engagement, Best Practices, Health & Safety, News

Written by Laurie Rackas