Health Resource Spotlight: Virtual Early Education Center

May 15, 2017

Spotlight On

Virtual Early Education Center (VEEC)

The Problem

There are so many health and safety practices that early care and education (ECE) programs must follow, that it can be hard to envision how all those pieces come together in one center.

One Solution

The interactive Virtual Early Education Center, developed by the National Center for Early Childhood Health and Wellness, is an online tool designed to have the look and feel of an actual ECE center. Users can move from room to room within the VEEC—the infant room, the toddler room, the playground, etc.—to find information on health and safety practices and useful resources.

Features and functions include:

  • Hotspots within each room that provide visitors with information on Caring for Our Children (CFOC) standards, Head Start Program Performance Standards, and other resources
  • Information on child health and development from infancy to school-age
  • Four topic areas to explore:
    • Healthy active living
    • Managing infectious diseases
    • Medication administration
    • Staff wellness

This tool is intuitive, easy for users to navigate, and full of useful information. It is posted on the Early Childhood Health and Wellness portal of the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC).

Topics: Best Practices, Health & Safety

Written by Laurie Rackas