Health Resource Spotlight: Workplace Stress

January 14, 2020


stressed workplace

The Problem

Child care professionals are aware that workplace stress can affect their physical and emotional health. They many want to reduce their stress levels, but need help identifying and implementing effective strategies. 

One solution 

Stress in the Workplace is a detailed but easy-to-read guide on how workers – including those in the child care field can protect themselves from the damaging effects of stress. 

This resource first identifies what excessive stress looks and feels like and how it impacts your well-being on and off the job. It also lists some common causes of workplace stress, including the pressure to work at optimum levels at all times and a lack of control over how you do your work. 

The guide then offers a series of simple, practical steps you can take to beat stress. These steps are organized into five areas: 

  • Reaching out and getting support from co-workers, friends, and family members. 
  • Supporting your health with exercise and nutrition. The resource gives specific tips about the types of exercise that are most effective and smart food choices that help you maintain energy, focus and a steady mood. 
  • Improving the quantity and quality of your sleep. 
  • Regaining your sense of control at work through time management techniques. 
  • Breaking bad habits (e.g., perfectionism) that contribute to workplace stress. 

Stress in the Workplace also addresses how managers can reduce stress at work. The authors’ suggestions include communicating with employees one-on-one, giving workers opportunities to participate in decisions that affect their jobs and offering rewards and incentives.  

This resource is available on, a nonprofit mental health and wellness website that provides evidence-based information to the general public.  

Topics: Health & Safety

Written by Laurie Rackas

Laurie Rackas is the Content Developer on CCAoA's Marketing & Communications team. She is a writer, editor and video producer who specializes in writing for and about children. For her work, she's been awarded six Emmys and a PBS Advertising & Promotion Award, among others.