Health Resource Spotlight: How Providers Serve Families With Different Languages

September 12, 2019


how providers serve families with different languages

The problem: Many child care programs serve families whose native language is different than the provider’s. Communication on routine matters can be problematic, so how can providers share information with families on more complicated issues like early brain development or toxic stress?

One solution: The translation library at The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.

The Center has translated many of its videos and materials on early childhood development into other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Urdu, Bulgarian, Arabic and Japanese. Providers and families can access these for free on the Center’s Translation Library webpage.

Toxic Stress Derails Healthy DevelopmentThe resources available in multiple languages include:

  • Experiences Build Brain Architecture
  • Serve & Return Interaction Shapes Brain Circuitry
  • In Brief: The Science of Early Childhood Development

Topics: Health & Safety

Written by Laurie Rackas