Family Voices: Reflections from a Child Care Advocate, Sosha Chaney

August 01, 2019

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Child Care Aware® of America had the opportunity to sit down with Sosha Chaney, a vocal child care advocate, as she shared her journey. Sosha is especially passionate about improving:

  • Access to reliable, education-based child care for families working non-traditional hours
  • Affordable, high-quality child care options
  • Funding and support for early childhood programs

How did you get started with child care advocacy?

My first family advocate through Head Start, Katie, encouraged me to get more engaged in my children’s child care setting. Her support and the relationship we shared gave me the confidence to be a voice for all children and families in my child care program. My second family advocate, Kayla, helped me keep that same spark alive and empowered me by telling me that in sharing my truth I had also helped her to keep speaking up for families. I saw my truth shining through other people who I had always thought were different from me. Many staff in my child care program have encouraged me along the way. Advocacy has opened new opportunities for me, and the connections I have made with others around me will last a lifetime! 

What challenges and successes have your experienced as an advocate?

One of my biggest accomplishments and fears as an advocate has been speaking on stage, on camera and sharing my story with thousands of people that I don’t know. One challenge in sharing my story is the realization that not everyone will like what I have to say. I am still working hard to overcome this challenge with grace. I am open and willing to listen to others, and I truly enjoy hearing their perspectives. I have found that people are more willing to listen and take action if you suggest a solution rather than just stating the concerns you have. I can humbly say I am nailing it!

What advice can you give other families who want to help bring awareness to the child care issues that are important to them?

First and foremost, keep at it—especially when you have negative energy surrounding you. Don’t give up! You’ll never be able to ignite change if you give up. Secondly, learn how to clearly communicate your message, especially when the topic is something you’re extremely passionate about. Remember that you are a leader and all leaders fail sometimes. It’s what you do once you fail that counts. Everyone has resources and relationships that they can use. The truth of your experience as a parent and the knowledge you have to share is truly powerful. Lastly, you must show up. I believe in prioritizing all things so you can bring your best to the table.

Now that you’ve found your feet as a child care advocate, what’s next for you?

Running for office! Maybe the school board, city council, or even mayor. Who knows? Hopefully my passion for helping children and families will naturally lead me to what’s next. 

Family stories influence program and policy decisions. The Family Voices Series is a collection of stories that elevate the triumphs, challenges, and opportunities families experience in child care and early education, both locally and nationally. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while you immerse  yourself in the real-world child care experiences of families from across the nation or take a stand and share your story with families alike.

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April Dodge-Ostendorf

Written by April Dodge-Ostendorf

April Dodge-Ostendorf, MSW, is the Chief of Staff at Child Care Aware® of America. She has 20 years of professional experience advancing social service systems for children and families at local, state and national levels. April’s current work includes building cross-organizational knowledge and capacity for effective partnership engagement, fund development, and strategic alignment.