Child Care Aware® of America Announces Web Services API Module for NDS

July 07, 2016

Child Care Aware® of America is pleased to announce the release of the Web Services Application Programming Interface (API) module for the National Data System (NDS) for Child Care suite of applications.

APIs make some of a program’s internal functions available in a limited fashion to the outside world. They also make it possible for applications to share data and take actions on one another’s behalf without requiring developers to share all of their software’s code.


Agencies who request NDS Web Services API access can now utilize these services to work in conjunction with outside developers to push and pull data directly to and from their agency’s NDS database to share, sync, and display as they see fit. Example applications include:

  • Automatically updating provider QRIS level data on your website every time it is updated within NDS
  • Displaying upcoming trainings on a calendar on your website and linking to a map that provides directions to the training location
  • Sharing/syncing NDS data with outside organizations; for example, automatically updating Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) approved providers within NDS
  • Displaying TTAM training transcripts within an online Learning Management System
  • Displaying the location of providers (supply) and various other data (demand) on a map on your website
  • Embedding child care facility inspection and complaint reports within your child care search
  • Integrating NDS facility data into external child care search applications

For more information about the new NDS Web Services Application, please contact the NDS Help Desk at

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Chrisi West

Written by Chrisi West

Chrisi has more than 11 years of experience in advocacy (grassroots and digital) through her work for nonprofits, and on candidate and issues organizing campaigns in Virginia and at the national level. She joined Child Care Aware of America in March 2015 and has supported the work of Child Care Aware of America on communications, digital organizing, and now as the director of advocacy, empowering CCR&Rs and family advocates to take action on child care and early childhood education.