6 Ways to Get Your Staff Involved with Power to the Profession

August 22, 2018

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Power to the Profession is a big deal for CCR&R agencies. By establishing a unifying framework for the early childhood profession—including career pathways, qualifications, and compensation—this national collaboration holds the potential to impact how CCR&R agencies conduct business in the future. It’s important to be prepared, but where do you even start?

We’ve compiled a few ideas for involving staff in conversations about Power to the Profession.

Idea #1: Have your staff read Power to the Profession: What It Is and Why It’s Important to CCR&Rs

Need a quick way to get your staff up to speed on Power to the Profession and how it pertains to your work as CCR&R professionals? This e-book is a great place to start.

Idea #2: Visit NAEYC’s Power to the Profession website

The Power to the Profession website not only includes helpful videos your team can watch, but it also includes summaries of the Decision Cycles.

Idea #3: Engage your staff

Schedule a series of meetings organized around broad topics of Power to the Profession (purpose, compensation, etc.). We’ve included sample questions you can use in each staff meeting in our new e-book, What CCR&Rs Need to Do Internally for Power to the Profession.  

Idea #4: Ask Child Care Aware® of America to lead a webinar

We’re here to help! Contact us at P2P@usa.childcareaware.org to arrange for us to host a live webinar to discuss Power to the Profession and how it impacts CCR&Rs.

Idea #5: Invite your local AEYC chapter or state association to talk to your staff

Many local Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC) chapters may be involved with Power to the Profession. Contact your local chapter to see if a representative can come to speak to your staff.

Idea #6: Stay informed

Encourage your staff to join CCAoA’s online Community of Practice about Power to the Profession and  sign up to receive updates on future recommendations from the task force.

To dig deeper into each suggestion, we recommend downloading our free guide, What CCR&Rs Need to Do Internally for Power to the Profession.  

Power to the Profession E-book - Internal Efforts

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Karen Ruprecht

Written by Karen Ruprecht

Karen Ruprecht is the Content Developer for the National Center for Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning at Child Care Aware® of America. She works with the National Center and throughout the organization to help distill research into practice and policy. She has worked in the field of early care and education for 15 years as both a researcher and practitioner. Her previous experience includes conducting regional and statewide evaluations on Indiana’s QRIS and state-funded pre-k programs with Purdue University. She has also worked with a statewide early care and education organization to advance policy on pre-k expansion and worked directly with child care centers to implement curriculum through an embedded coaching model. She has led statewide workgroups on QRIS revision and co-chaired a workgroup on child and family outcomes for Indiana’s Early Learning Advisory Council. Her research interests have focused on quality child care practices such as continuity of care and primary caregiving for infants and toddlers. She earned her PhD from Purdue University in child development and family studies and a master’s degree in public administration from St. Louis University.