Health Resource Spotlight: Steps for Toothbrushing at the Table

November 14, 2018

brushing-teethThe Problem:

Early childhood programs are great places to help children learn good health habits, including oral health habits. But having children brush one at a time at the sink can be messy and time consuming.

One Solution: 

A group activity known as toothbrushing at the table, in which children and staff sit around a table and brush together. It allows staff to model, coach, and encourage good toothbrushing skills. 

The National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness (NCECHW) has produced a six-minute, step-by-step video for providers and staff called Steps for Toothbrushing at the Table: Growing Healthy Smiles in Early Care and Education Programs. The video covers how to: prepare for the activity, walk children through it, and clean up afterwards. The host – Dr. Mark Macek of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry – also explains why toothbrushing is important for children’s overall health and learning.


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Topics: Parenting, Health & Safety

Written by Laurie Rackas

Laurie Rackas is the Content Developer on CCAoA's Marketing & Communications team. She is a writer, editor and video producer who specializes in writing for and about children. For her work, she's been awarded six Emmys and a PBS Advertising & Promotion Award, among others.