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Mapping the Gaps in Infant & Toddler Care Supply and Demand

May 16, 2018

Child Care Aware® of America is excited to release four new story maps examining gaps in child care supply and demand  for infants and toddlers. Child care slots for children age birth to three can be both difficult to find and unaffordable for many  families. Our Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) partners in Alaska, Arizona, Delaware and Hawaii wanted  to investigate the supply and demand for infant-toddler care in their states, in addition to mapping child care supply and demand for children under six with all parents in the labor force.  Our findings were quite shocking:

  • Of the more than 35,000 licensed child care slots in Hawaii, only 11 percent are available to infants and toddlers.
  • In Alaska, only 18 percent of infants and toddlers have access to licensed child care.
  • In Mohave County, Arizona, only 7 percent of infants and toddlers have access to licensed child care.
  • In the Wilmington, Delaware suburbs, 50 percent of infants and toddlers don't access to licensed child care, even with a recent increase in the number of new child care programs.

Lack of access to licensed care for parents of infants and toddlers is not only a problem in these four states—it is a national issue. Our new maps, and brief, Infant & Toddler Child Care in America, provides an overview of the importance of high-quality care during this crucial period of development, why the cost of care is higher for infants and toddlers than preschoolers, and the difficulty in accessing child care slots for infants and toddlers.

CCR&Rs are uniquely positioned to help improve the child care system for families with infants and toddlers. We highlight the role of CCR&Rs in helping families overcome these barriers with enhanced referrals, trainings for providers specific to infant-toddler development, and experienced infant-toddler specialists to provide technical assistance for both families and providers. In our Family Voices Vlog Series, Parent Advocate Sheena discusses how important CCR&Rs were in helping locate high-quality care for her toddler.

Listen to her story:

With historic increases to the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) for FY18 and FY19, investment is needed at the state-level in systems that support infants and toddlers. When states invest in CCR&Rs, infant-toddler specialists, and training and professional development, they are investing in our future. Make your voice heard by joining the Child Care Works movement.

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See more our Mapping the Gap project here.


Interested in Mapping Your State?

Child Care Aware® of America is committed to partnering with states to support their work and help them meet CCDBG requirements. These innovative story maps influence national discussions about child care and can be used as a tool to advocate for high-quality, affordable child care. Contact us to learn more about state-based mapping opportunities.

State by State Resource Map

Topics: Systems Building, Workforce, Parenting

Maggie Norton

Written by Maggie Norton

Maggie is the Research Manager at Child Care Aware® of America. She uses data and mapping to determine inequities in communities to help CCAoA target efforts and policy to meet the needs of vulnerable populations.