Our Chief of Policy Speaks to The Preschool Podcast on Impactful Advocacy for Child Care

April 25, 2017

Child Care Aware® of America’s Chief of Policy, Michelle McCready had the pleasure of speaking with The Preschool Podcast, a platform for leaders in early childhood education to share their experiences, thoughts and insights in the world of early learning.

During this podcast, Michelle talks about impactful advocacy.  Michelle provides vision, leadership, and management to the policy division at CCAoA. In our conversation we talk about the history of child care in America; the influence of child care on the American economy; the present state of child care under the Trump administration; and the importance of advocacy from child care practitioners to provide vital insight for policy change. Michelle emphasizes that it is crucial for educators to speak up and become the voice for better outcomes for children.

If you work in a daycare, child care or preschool setting, the show will provide you with practical advice on managing your organization, center or classroom, as well as thought provoking discussions about the field of early childhood education.

The goal of The Preschool Podcast is to provide knowledge and inspiration for the leaders of tomorrow by engaging in conversation with the leaders of today!

Listen to Michelle's Podcast.

The podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Topics: Policy & Advocacy

Adina Young

Written by Adina Young

Adina Young is the Sr. Communications Manager at Child Care Aware® of America.