Bezos Family to Receive Children's Champion Award

February 28, 2018

Gala award ceremony

As Albert Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." In that spirit, Child Care Aware® of America has found an ideal partner in Jackie and Mike Bezos, whose efforts to invest in science and create evidence-based learning opportunities are transforming the field of early learning. To honor their service, CCAoA is pleased to announce that on April 20 we will be awarding Jackie and Mike Bezos with the Children's Champion Award in philanthropy at our 30th Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C.

Advances in neuroscience are sparking a paradigm shift in how we think about the early years of life and the role of child care in supporting children's learning and development.

Jackie and Mike Bezos are key influencers in these efforts. Science has shown us a new way of seeing the world: children's brains develop the fastest during the first five years and this development is driven by their early experiences and interactions. The Bezos Family Foundation, established by Jackie and Mike Bezos, has connected the research to practice by catalyzing science-based programs that boost the skills of caregivers and elevate interactions between caregivers and children:

  • Vroom, an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation designed to translate the latest advances in brain science into easy, free, practical tips that enable caregivers—both families and child care providers—to turn everyday moments into brain-building interactions.
  • Mind in the Making, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation that shares the science of children's learning and development with families and practitioners to boost life skills that promote executive function to help children thrive.

A commitment to shared values underlies our efforts to create radical change.

The 30th Anniversary gala marks Child Care Aware® of America's 30th year of advocating for access to affordable, quality child care for all families. We have grown in impact and size in 30 years: we have amplified advances in science, grassroots movements, policy change, child care systems, and families across the country. Driving these efforts, the insistent commitment to children, families and communities propelled CCAoA forward and enabled the organization to adapt to an ever-changing field. These same characteristics are embodied by Jackie and Mike Bezos and we have no doubt that their leadership will continue to inspire and transform the landscape of early learning for years to come.


Join us at Symposium where we will have a Vroom track, promoting brain-building science.

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Meghan Cornwell

Written by Meghan Cornwell

Meghan Cornwell has seven years of experience doing marketing in the field of early childhood education. She came to CCAoA in 2018 and is excited to combine her background in digital marketing with her passion for advocating for high-quality child care. Meghan received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Theatre from Virginia Wesleyan University.