A Day on the Hill: How We Let Congress Know That Child Care Works

April 12, 2016

On Wednesday April 6, hundreds of advocates for child care stormed the Hill to represent the millions of people across this country who need quality, affordable child care. This was a part of Child Care Aware® of America's national 2016 Symposium. Attendees were fired up in the morning by former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who gave an impassioned speech and opportunity to walk in her shoes as a young mother in poverty who wouldn’t have risen to where she is today without access to quality child care.

Former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis kicked off the Child Care Aware of America Day on the Hill and got advocates fired up! (Photo by Steve Barrett.)
Former Texas state Senator Wendy Davis kicked off the Child Care Aware of America Day on the Hill! (Photo by Steve Barrett.)

The room rang with the spirit of a fired up crowd - child care providers, professionals, researchers, and parent and family advocates - all ready for a long day of walking to and from the House and Senate offices. I was privileged to sit with several parents and share my own story as a parent with two small children who couldn't work without quality, affordable child care.

Throughout the day we shared personal experiences, addressing what has taken place in child care advocacy and discussing the work that still needs to be done. Parents spoke about the need for greater resources to implement the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act reauthorization - a law that drastically raised quality child care and that the people at this conference and in communities nationwide fought so hard for.

Why were we there?

We were standing for the 15 million American children that participate in or attend some type of child care program every day.

For parents who have lost children due to unsafe and low quality conditions; to make sure more parents don't experience the same heartbreak.

For families struggling to make ends meet; deciding between paying for groceries and child care.

For child care providers to get compensated appropriately. They are the ones caring for our most precious resource; we now need to care for them.

For the economy now and in the future - because brain science shows that the first five years of life form the foundation for future learning and success, and that development relies on healthy relationships with adults who care and can be found in high quality child care programs.

You can still let Congress know that our children, families, and providers can't wait.

Tell Congress that #ChildCareWorks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using our social share kit, and the hash tag #ChildCareWorks.

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Parent and family advocates, CCR&R leaders, and staff took to the Hill to advocate for access to quality, affordable child care for all. (Photo by Steve Barrett.)




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Michelle McCready

Written by Michelle McCready

Michelle McCready, M.P.P., currently serves as the Deputy Executive Officer at Child Care Aware® of America.