New Fall Report!

Picking Up The Pieces

This year, the world experienced a crisis that no one was prepared for—COVID-19. Many families, communities and businesses in this country were forced to abruptly change their routines and scramble to find consistency in a world of uncertainty. Schools closed, nursing homes prohibited visits from residents' loved ones and states established curfews to try to slow the spread of the virus.  

Even before ​COVID-19, our child care system was broken. It has been decimated by the virus. We explore the damaging effects of COVID-19 in our new fall report, Picking Up the Pieces. In it, we compare 2019 data about child care to data we collected as recently as July 2020 to show how the virus has affected the supply, affordability and quality of child care.  

The report presents the data, analyzes it and offers the perspective of economists about the future of child care. It also features case studies and stories from child care providers and families who describe how they've been affected by the virus.

This report will be broken into three parts:

  • State-level data and visualizations that tell stories about child care issues
  • State Fact Sheets highlighting how centers were impacted by the crisis
  • A narrative of providers and families stories about how they were affected by the pandemic and the findings we gather from surveys and research